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Pitch releases pRTI 5.1: Unmatched Performance, Robustness and Scalability
Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pitch is proud to release Pitch pRTI 5.1, a simulation infrastructure implementing the feature-rich IEEE 1516 HLA standard.

The new release offers previously unheard of update rates of more than 500 000 updates per second of standard 100 bytes spatial updates with a latency of less than 100 µs on local area networks. This performance enables users to run even more demanding simulations with even higher fidelity and larger scenarios.

To provide the most robust simulation environment ever, new features includes detection of system shortcomings like incorrect network or software configurations, or even bugs. It also contains groundbreaking monitoring and debugging features for DDM.  

Further, it contains enhanced web based user interface makes it even easier to  to manage federations using web browsers, tablets and smart phones.

The new Pitch pRTI version is available to all customers with a current maintenance contract at no extra cost. Customers interested in purchasing or evaluating are welcome to contact Pitch or our distributors.

Support Both HLA and DIS with Pitch Developer Studio 3.2
Friday, 05 September 2014
Pitch Developer Studio enables you to add HLA support to your simulations, through expert-level C++ and Java code generation. Pitch is now proud to announce parallel and seamless support for DIS and HLA. Generate one set of source code and get instant support for DIS by just changing a runtime switch. Advanced users can also add support for custom PDUs. DIS support assumes that you use the RPR FOM. Another highly appreciated feature of Pitch Developer Studio is that there is no runtime fee for deploying the generated code.

Please contact us, or our distributors, if you want to evaluate this new version. This release is also available now for all current users with an active maintenance contract. 

Build Your Own Dashboards with Pitch Commander 3.0
Monday, 01 September 2014

Pitch is happy to release version 3.0 of Pitch Commander. This release is an important step in bringing simulation to the Web, the Cloud and any virtualized environment.

This version brings complete control anywhere over new and existing simulations to web browsers and tablets. Manage and monitor your federations, simulations, hosts and networks from the web browser of your laptop or iPad!

Even more exciting is the ability to build your own custom dashboards for instructors or operators. Build dashboard layouts with drag and drop, using our intuitive dashboard builder. Deploy your own dashboards to the web at the click of a mouse.

Please contact us, or our distributors, if you want to evaluate this new version. This release is also available now for all current users with an active maintenance contract. 

The new pRTI has been released – v 5.0
Friday, 14 February 2014

We are happy to announce that Pitch pRTI 5.0 has today been approved for release. 

With this realise, Pitch continues to push the boundaries for the world’s premiere RTI with Better performance, Enhanced robustness and Even More ease-of-use!

It also features:

  • The new Pitch Control Center.
    • Enables the user to stay in control of simulators under extreme load and to quickly identify performance issues in simulators and networks.
  • One RTI, any HLA version!
    • Multi API approach enables drop-in replacement for older HLA 1.3 or HLA 1516-2000 RTIs. And start moving to the new HLA Evolved standard.
  • Support for the latest environments
    • MS Visual C++ 11 and MS Windows 8.1.

The release is available NOW for all pRTI users with an active maintenance contract.

Do you run without maintenance? –  contact Pitch today to get back on track.

New Version of Leading HLA Tool: Pitch Visual OMT
Monday, 17 June 2013
Pitch is proud to announce version 2.3 of the leading tool for development of HLA object models.
This new version features even more features across the life cycle;
  • Enhanced FOM comparison functionality
  • Export and merge features for older an newer HLA versions
  • Extra support for RPR FOM 2.0 has been added. 
For advanced users - support for extended FOM merging - planned for the next HLA version, is already available. The new version will be distributed to all customers with a valid maintenance contract. 
Pitch Talk 1.0 released
Wednesday, 03 April 2013
We are happy to announce the first official release of Pitch Talk. This tool enables you to talk, chat and exchange images across an HLA federation.  It is particularly useful in VPN environments and secret/classified environments, where other solutions may be unavailable. It is also highly useful for communication between different sites. Read more here.

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